After the Bloggers Festival, all of us were given gift bags with various items in to try out so lets see what I picked up!

Drink Vieve Protein Water

This is probably my favourite product. I am totally on a healthy lifestyle right now and this company is what I needed right now. This bottle was gone the morning after the festival straight after my workout. I love taking protein shakes don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love the taste of flavoured milk that benefits your body but I tend to find I bloat so bad to whey. This water is my solution. Hell I’ve even ordered more!

Energise Men’s Body Set

I’ve handed this one over to Luke so I guess he will have to give me feedback. He likes smelly things for the shower so I am sure this will go down well.

Funkin Cocktail Mixer Skinny Mojito

This idea is pretty sick. Add ice & rum and voila. Just like the strawberry daiquiri from Bloggers Ball. Could get plenty of pre drinks out of this and especially isn’t this a pretty cool idea as a gift???

Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste

I look after my teeth pretty well. Brushing multiple times a day, mouthwash, still whitening them at home. This is a great add on. Can’t wait to see how well they look after my teeth!

The National Gallery Foldable Bag

Screw 5p bags. They suck. Go shopping with something more fashionable. Space saver and funky looking. Sorted.

Thermal Socks

Winter is coming. Plus I’m at that age where socks are always welcome.


BLOGGER LAYOUT GOALS. Nothing more needed

Pot of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil solves everything. Use it anywhere. Do it!

Product Discounts

I jumped on the Drink Vieve discount like Apache jump on it.

Linwoods Chia Seed Sachet & Shelled Hemp Sachet

Once again, health kick! I love sprinkling chia seeds on yogurt so can’t wait to use this at breakfast at work next week. Never tried hemp so will give that one a go!

Urban Veda Radiance Day Cream

I’m really picky with creams, purely because of how my skin reacts. This I am willing to give a try. I love discovering new brands and seeing what fits best for me. I want to know my options out there!


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