Quite a lot of people get shocked when I say I don’t drink.  Then again I get shocked when I see people who can constantly drink and question how on earth do you do it.

I only used to drink when I went out and stayed at friends houses but now thats’s all in the past. Instead you can find me at parties drinking water or juice and I am happy doing so. I don’t need alcohol to have fun. Yeah, when I used to drink when I went out everything seemed really fun, like there was that level of drinking of where you just want to party all night long until you drink too much and become one of the emotional drunks which is never fun for anyone.

I stopped drinking based on two reasons:

  1. My dad drank too much and in turn with smoking led to cancer and death. Seeing how it brought down my dad scares me. He died at 56, I couldn’t leave a family at that age. I never got to tell him I got my first job, my A-level results, my uni place nor will he walk me down the aisle. Every time I think of it, it breaks my heart.
  2. Becoming everyone’s taxi driver. It seemed that I was the one who was only willing to drive everywhere when it came to my friends so eventually I got used to not drinking which is a blessing in disguise.

The feeling of a hangover is crap and we can all agree to that. I can’t even deal with a headache let alone a hangover. I couldn’t do that to my body, letting it feel ill for a day. In my opinion I don’t need alcohol to have fun. I have friends who can make my night so I don’t need the drink. Guess though that makes me the sensible one of the lot if others drink so I’ll be guiding you back home if you’ve had too much.

I look at social media and wonder that if I don’t go out clubbing and drinking am I less cool? Like do people see me as a bore? I mean there maybe is a picture about of me with a drink in my hand but that’s about it. Its just there in the picture. Surely the question whether I drink or not should not affect my social status. I don’t see being a drunk mess anything attractive nor being fun on a night out. I’d rather enjoy the night than be a burden to my friends.

To me its okay not to drink. My friends are my friends for a reason. They are great company sober so I don’t need alcohol to change that. I enjoy looking after my body and don’t need any toxic going through it, especially when to myself most alcoholic drinks taste way too strong and just pure horrid.

It’s fine. I’m happy without it.